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Live Board is an interactive online whiteboard platform designed for educational and collaborative purposes. It enables users to create, share, and collaborate on digital whiteboards in real-time. LiveBoard aims to enhance remote learning and virtual collaboration by providing an intuitive and engaging...

Live Board is an interactive online whiteboard platform designed for educational and collaborative purposes. It enables users to create, share, and collaborate on digital whiteboards in real-time. LiveBoard aims to enhance remote learning and virtual collaboration by providing an intuitive and engaging digital workspace.


 A cutting-edge online tool called LiveBoard Online has revolutionized distant collaboration and communication. The idea for LiveBoard Online was born out of the need to improve real-time virtual interactions and overcome geographic barriers. It’s a state-of-the-art technology that makes it easier for people to interact online and share information, ideas, and thoughts.

LiveBoard Online’s primary goals are to increase efficiency and encourage innovation in virtual settings. It serves a wide spectrum of users, including instructors giving children captivating courses and professionals holding virtual meetings. Through the use of user-friendly digital technologies, LiveBoard Online transforms conventional communication techniques by enabling users to engage dynamically through virtual whiteboards and collaboration areas.

A testament to its influence is the broad praise LiveBoard Online has received from educators and others looking for efficient virtual communication solutions. Its rise highlights a more general trend toward digital transformation, where meaningful relationships may be made anywhere in the world thanks to cutting-edge technologies that transcend traditional borders. LiveBoard Online is a prime example of how technology and interpersonal communication may work together to improve virtual collaboration’s inclusiveness, productivity, and engagement.


Who should use this tool?

LiveBoard Online is a flexible solution that serves a wide variety of customers for a range of applications and industries. Professionals participating in virtual meetings and remote collaboration will find LiveBoard Online to be quite helpful in improving ideation and communication. Project teams, distant workers, and companies trying to optimize efficiency through virtual communications will find it perfect. this tool is an easy-to-use platform that makes communication and collaboration effortless, whether you’re working on complicated projects together, giving virtual presentations, or exchanging ideas graphically.

Teachers and trainers may also use LiveBoard Online to design dynamic and interesting learning environments. Teachers may exchange instructional materials, facilitate dynamic course delivery, and promote student engagement in online classrooms by utilizing this platform. Teachers may use the tool’s digital whiteboard features to visually represent topics and encourage student participation through interactive exercises. LiveBoard Online helps teachers give effective instruction regardless of their physical location, which is especially useful for online seminars, virtual training sessions, and distance learning programs. All things considered, LiveBoard Online is a flexible tool for educators, professionals, and everyone else looking to improve virtual communication and teamwork.




How this tool is useful?

LiveBoard Online is an extremely helpful application that improves online collaboration and communication in a number of significant ways. First off, users may generate ideas, create diagrams, and graphically convey concepts in real-time using the platform’s adaptable digital whiteboard environment. Professionals holding remote meetings will find this feature especially helpful since it encourages engaging conversations and makes complicated concepts easier to communicate. Regardless of location, users may work together synchronously on the same virtual canvas to improve productivity and cooperation.

Second, LiveBoard Online maximizes virtual interactions with a variety of user-friendly tools and features. Within the platform, users may quickly annotate papers, add sticky notes, and make presentations with plenty of multimedia. These features improve participation in online seminars, workshops, and training sessions. Because of the tool’s adaptability, users may tailor their workspace to meet their unique requirements, regardless of whether they are giving a corporate presentation, running an online course, or holding a virtual training session.

To further increase its usefulness, LiveBoard Online facilitates easy connection with well-known productivity tools and communication platforms. Through links or invitations, users may share their whiteboard sessions with coworkers or classmates, encouraging broad involvement and cooperation. Because the platform is compatible with so many different devices, users can connect and interact from anywhere. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. All things considered, LiveBoard Online is a useful tool that encourages effective and interesting virtual communication, making it a crucial resource for professionals, instructors, and distant teams alike.



  1. Collaboration
    • You will able to unlock seamless tutor-student collaboration in real time, even if you’re in different locations. Just share collaborative space and make learning more fun and engaging for students. This will keep them focused and motivated.
    • Create online classrooms and easily manage groups of participants within the platform. Share access to folders with specific students and enable access to all the sessions, recordings and assignments within particular group. Set up groups once and automate redundant administrative workload forever.
    • Bring collaboration to your classroom, available to everyone on any device, with zero hassle. Let students join sessions with just one click. No need to enter credentials or install anything. No sign-up required.


  1. Instructiveness
    • Record sessions for sharing with students to revisit important concepts. Create educational videos and share them on professional platforms with ease. No professional gear is needed.
    • Track students’ attention level at any given moment and adjust your delivery style & content for better engagement. Monitor how they respond to different types of content, and adjust your lesson plans accordingly.
    • Make on-the-spot interactive quizzes and assess student performance in real-time. Add unlimited single-choice and multiple-choice questions, and set a time for each question if needed. Track your students’ progress to identify those who need more attention.
    • Keep everyone in the loop through chat. Connect with students one on one or in group chat, and share texts, images, videos, and other files. Encourage anyone on the board to ask questions, give suggestions, or initiate discussions.


  1. Enhanced Whiteboarding
    • Bring science to life with advanced STEM-specific tools. Graph editor lets you create and manipulate mathematical graphs within the platform and allows students to visualize and explore Math concepts in a dynamic and interactive way. Insert math equations with LaTeX editor for more complex equations with just one click.
    • Don’t lose your remote session content. Easily export it as a PDF file and share with your students, colleagues, or even the general public. Upload PDFs to professional platforms or save them for later reuse.
    • Teach on a limitless canvas and stretch your ideas as far as you want. There’s no limit to what you can draw, write, or create on LiveBoard. Remove all boundaries for your teaching creativity.
    • Save time and create worksheets by importing PDF documents or images to the board. Enrich your session with visual resources from your personal collection or the web.



Pricing Plans

Limited Premium Organization
  • Student per Session
  • 1 Session
  • 5 Recordings
  • Use on Any Device
  • Math & Science Whiteboard
  • Content Import
  • Unlimited Students per Session
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Unlimited Video Calls
  • Online Classroom Management
  • Session Recording & Export to PDF
  • Students’ Attention Tracker
  • Centralized Account Management
  • Branded Virtual Classroom
  • Scheduling Manager
  • Payroll Management
  • Tutor Management
  • Client Management
$0 $9.99/yearly Custom Pricing


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How this tool is relevant for educationist and teachers

For educators and teachers looking to improve their methods of instruction and successfully engage students in online or hybrid learning environments, LiveBoard Online offers a great deal of relevance and advantages. The platform’s interactive digital whiteboard, which enables teachers to design dynamic and captivating lectures that encourage student engagement and learning, is one of its main advantages. Students’ learning is made more dynamic and memorable for them by teachers who can annotate information in real time, create diagrams, and graphically explain topics. This visual method facilitates active participation and helps accommodate a variety of learning styles, leading to a greater comprehension of the material.

Additionally, by allowing students to communicate with the virtual whiteboard during classes, LiveBoard Online enhances collaborative learning experiences. Within the platform, educators may ask students to solve issues, share ideas, or work together on group projects. This encourages students to work together as a team and as a community, even in online or distant learning environments. Teachers can also share and store their whiteboard sessions with students so they can review them at a later time. This gives students access to important materials for review and improvement.

In conclusion, LiveBoard Online gives teachers the tools they need to create dynamic, captivating classes that encourage engagement and understanding from their students. Teachers may design engaging learning experiences that go beyond the confines of the traditional classroom by utilizing its user-friendly digital whiteboard capabilities and collaboration tools. This allows education to become more accessible and meaningful for students everywhere.








To sum up, LiveBoard Online is a flexible and potent tool that transforms online communication and teamwork in a variety of fields, such as business, education, and the arts. Its user-friendly digital whiteboard features boost productivity and engagement in distant situations by enabling interactive idea sharing, brainstorming, and visual communication. LiveBoard visual communication enhances productivity and engagement in distant environments, whether it is used for virtual meetings, interactive courses, or promoting cooperation among remote personnel.